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Disciplinary Literacy
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What is Disciplinary literacy instruction? How is it accomplished? Why is it important?
Disciplinary literacy instruction is a guide on the ability to read, write and critically think based on a specific discipline transferred to students by the disciplinary teachers. It helps students intricately understand the makeup of a particular discipline, which could serve as a solid foundation for the students enabling them to adapt to the labor force. “Students need explicit teaching of sophisticated genres, specialized language conventions, disciplinary norms of precision and accuracy, and higher-level interpretive processes” (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008). Disciplinary literacy instruction is important as it makes the transition easy for middle and high-schoolers into college. Moreover, it promotes an advanced literacy level for the students allowing them to cope well with the demands and rigors of the society. This knowledge places students better and gives them a solid footing in their discipline of choice, because “without increasing literacy attainment, many students are at risk of marginalization when they leave school” (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008).
How is instruction differentiated? Why is differentiation essential? What does research say to validate the practice of differentiating instruction?
Instruction is differentiated according to the students’ level of understanding, culture, “background kno…

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