Disaster Response

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Disaster Response

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Disaster Response

Disaster Response
Disasters whether natural or human-made tend to have profound effects on the society and how they live in the aftermath. Each society has spiritual beliefs useful in explaining certain phenomena that occur and disasters are no exception. The spiritual beliefs that explain the phenomena may be based on religion or other supernatural forces. One aspect that spiritual care and beliefs incorporate is the aspect of being compassionate and empathetic. The healthcare providers including the nurses are expected to show compassion and empathy to the individuals who are relieving the effects of the occurrence of a disaster (Jose, 2012). Total health understands the importance of spiritual care and necessitates that the healthcare providers are able to incorporate compassion and empathy when handling victims of disasters regardless of their nature. Empathy and compassion are two sets of emotions that are required in the aftermath of disasters for the nursing fraternity and the other individuals as well.
Nurses have greater responsibility especially during and in the aftermath of the occurrence of disasters. The role of nurses in such circumstances move beyond the provision of care and health related aspects and involves dealing with personal emotions as well as the emotions of the victims. Nurses must realize that during and after disasters people are bound to experience strong though different emotions including trauma. Ther…

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