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How Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland Defy Society Expectations?

(Do a brief presentation on yourself, cite the name of the speech and start) Tim Burton penchant for gothic films can be easily seen throughout all his work. However, in Edward Scissorhands, and Alice in Wonderland, we can see a different kind of film. These films are more connected with the character psyche, and offer us an interesting depiction of society, and how the characters defied its expectations.
Television and film are full of symbols that often lead us to a perceived reality, taking us to places we have never dreamed of being. That is one of the main characteristics of Burton’s films. They are meant to play with the spectators conventions, showing them a completely different scenario than the one they are used to. In the same way, Burton recovered the Gothic genre, revitalizing its darkness with scenes of light humor and a tad of kitsch. Alice is an example of this, as it shows the classic tale, with Burtonian twists that make impossible not to know who directed the film. In the same way, it is important to note how both films, although completely different in their realization, share a series of key features that we aim to show today.
That being said, in this speech we shall speak about how Edward Scissorhands, and Alice defy the expectations society had in them. In the same way, we aim to address how their de…

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