Digital Marketing Analytics and Ethics

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Digital Marketing Analytics and Ethics

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Digital Marketing Analytics and Ethics
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The advancement in technology has enabled companies to collect consumer’s information regarding their behaviors as well as affinities. This allows them to determine the best products and the demographics to target as well as the products that fit each category of consumers (Hopkins, 2016). This is the reason why consumers find themselves being served with ads that match their desires and they wonder how companies determine their preferences and tastes. While digital marketing analytics is beneficial to both the consumers and companies, there are some concerns regarding the privacy of consumers as well as the information being sold to companies. Many have wondered the amount of intrusiveness that is worth the benefits that come with marketing analytics. Companies collecting data assert to dissociate the data obtained with the identity of individuals (Kenny, Pierce & Pye, 2012). However, this has never been effective since there are numerous methods by which it can be re-associated to where it came from. These companies should prevent leakage of consumer data as this can be misused.
Digital marketing analytics have advantages and disadvantages to the consumers. The first advantage it has is that companies used the data to create more customized and centered advertising which helps consumers to find what they need easily (Xia, 2010). Secondly, firms use the data collected to a…

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