Digging Deeper: Presenting Solutions

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Digging Deeper: Presenting Solutions

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Sarina Rubio
Professor Gail Dudley
Section Number 30651
December 12, 2018
Digging Deeper: Presenting Solutions
Consider the videos presented by Lee Crocket on Digital generation and BBC’s Dragons on worst ever pitch, and worst product, they both portrayed some communication elements. These elements enable people to communicate effectively and ineffectively in these videos. These elements include the sender and receiver, encoding and decoding, communication channel, and ideas. Through these elements, both parties exchange information demonstrating is effective or ineffective communication.
The entrepreneur and the investor in BBC’s Dragons orally conveyed information about the idea presented before the two parties. The orally presented information was received by the investors via speech, and they orally gave their feedback to the entrepreneur who was accompanied by jokes and laughter. The second video presents Mr. Crocket giving a talk on Digital Generation via speech to his audience listening and give feedback by laughing after listening and understanding keenly to what Crocket says.
In BBC’s Dragon Den, the entrepreneur encodes his by presenting a new product which is verified by the investors hence they understanding his idea. After receiving the encoded message (a new product), the investors in the Dragon Den decode the message by looking at the product and giving their feedback based on what they see. Likewise, Lee Crocket encodes his information thr…

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