Differential Diagnosis and treatment

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Differential Diagnosis and treatment

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Differential diagnosis and treatment.
Differential diagnosis is the process of evaluating the probability of the presence of a disease against another. Often conditions with similar presentation causing illness in a patient are considered. Jane is suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a group of lung diseases that develops over time leading to breathing problems. Smoking is a major predisposing factor for COPDs occurrence.
The onset of chronic asthma is delayed, and the same case applies to COPD, development takes a long period of the manifestation of symptoms. However in Asthma an allergic reaction is associated, symptoms are more profound in the morning and evenings. In some cases, Asthma is genetics, and typical symptom involve difficulty with inhalation in the presence of an allergen Wibberley et al. (2014). Another distinction between Asthma and COPDs include lungs functioning testing that determines the capacity of the lungs in diffusing carbon (11) oxide. Treatment for Asthma requires anti-inflammatory drugs that prevent an Asthmatic attack, bronchodilators help in relaxing airway muscles during an attack to restore breathing. The Triggers of Asthma such as stress, medication such as aspirin, irritants in the air like smoke and extreme climatic conditions. Avoiding the triggers can be the ultimate treatment. Sublingual tablet for allergens like some types of grass i…

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