Differences in national culture

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Differences in national culture

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Differences in National Culture
Yes, I agree that differences in national cultures have impacts on the organization and process of management. Well, organizations may be similar concerning objective dimensions, physical layout or produce the same products but have a difference in meanings which human cultures read. Typically, the culture of an organization can be shaped by the cultural preferences of both employees and leaders. National culture, in this case, has a significant effect on how people interpret, understand and assess those who are within their workplace. Also, national culture has an impact on worker’s behavior than an industrial culture (Intezari, Taskin & Pauleen, 2017, 493). Basically, cultural values are essential in interpersonal trust and teamwork. How employees behave and conduct themselves in the workplace is shaped by cultural aspects.
In the national culture aspects, there are variables which influence how organization exercise management (Schmiedel, Vom Brocke & Recker, 2014, 5). Examples of these national culture variables include religion, language, time concept, power distance, masculinity, and femininity or social organization. These national cultures influence management cultures of a company, like staffing, time management, decision making, employee motivation, controlling and the general management style. A national culture li…

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