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The article, The Didache: Teachings of the 12 Apostles, is a non-canonical literature handbook for Christian converts believed to be written by the twelve apostles of Jesus. The book guides Christian’s converts on how to be Christians and live according to the teachings of Jesus. The first chapters of the book describe the Christian lessons such as the commandments. The next four chapters of the book describe the Christian ceremonies and their importance to Christians such the fasting and baptism. The last six chapters of the book give an in-depth description of church organization such as the bishop’s appointment.
The book’s main strength is the fact that it gives Christians instruction on how to conduct themselves daily. Besides, it gives the first view on the belief and teaching of the early Christians from the apostles’ point of view, who were believed to be very close to Jesus. One weakness of the book is the claim that the twelve disciples authored it. This claim has attracted criticisms making many readers doubt the content of the book. Additionally, even though the teachings can be traced to the first century, critics doubted if they are the exact teaching from the first church. Some of the statement from the book seems misapplied and misrepresented when compared to the biblically correct statement. Therefore, confusing the teaching of Christianity when compared to thos…

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