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Diarrhea is a one of the conditions that are noted to be threatening to humankind. The disease causes disorders in the alimentary canal of human beings resulting to poor absorption of after thus resulting to very loose stool. This paper will discuss the pathogenesis of diarrhea and the mechanisms involved and things to evaluate from patients with are signs.
Question 1
Diarrhea is the condition in which a person evacuates of too fluidly stools. Pathogenesis of diarrhea can be said to be a condition where a person evacuates very loose stools due to microbial determinants such as Salmonella serotypes, rotavirus, Campylobacter, Yersinia species among many others (Katz, 2006).
Question 2. Mechanisms of diarrhea include
Osmotic diarrhea
Absorption of water in the intestines depends on the adequacy of absorption of solutes. In case high amounts of solutes are retained in the intestinal lumen, water will not be absorbed and this results in diarrhea (Sweetser, 2012). Osmotic diarrhea results from two conditions
1. Ingestion of poorly absorbed absorbable substrates that are usually carbohydrates or divalent ion. Common examples of this are mannitol, sorbitol, Epson salt and some of the antacids.
2. Malabsorption that is the inability to absorb some carbohydrates is the common deficit in the diarrhea type although it can result from any type of malabsorption. A common example of malabsorption is lactose intolerance that results from the deficiency of the brush border enzyme lactas…

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