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public dental health

public dental health
Oral health has since time immemorial been used to detect and suspect the general health of the body. However, this practice has been on the rise. Indeed, it is used as a reflection of one’s body health at the time. It is discovered that the teeth develop cavities, and there are oral infections in the mouth, it is clear that cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other health-related conditions could be on the rise. One most acute health problem during childhood is the presence of dental cavities. This should raise an alarm over the health of a child. In America for instance, 78% of the children aged 17 developed cavities while about 7% permanently lost their tooth. On the same note, 69% of the adults have lost at least a tooth by the time they are 44. This ideally accounts for 69% of the adults. Well, even though visiting a dentist could solve or reduce the problems to manageable levels, most American cannot fund their treatment of dental problems on their own. It, therefore, means they stay with the problems still in them and finally lost their tooth. This would consequently decrease their life span.
One thing that is so unfortunate is that, in the United Stated of America, the cost of dental care is many ways too expensive for the dental patients to afford. Besides, Public programs meant to enlighten and solve dental related problems are very rare. Consequently, over 108 millio…

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