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Dexter- go pi go

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Mobile Robots Obstacle Avoidance Using Ultrasonic Sensors and Neural Control System

This laboratory aims to familiarize oneself with the functioning of a mobile robot learning how to write the robot’s navigation program. The primary objective is to write a program to make the robot move forward until it detects an obstacle. On identifying barriers, it ought to turn either right or left depending on the available free space. Further investigation is carried out to compare the performance of the robot in the real environment as compared to the simulated one. Additionally, the student will get conversant with the communication protocol of the microcontroller used with the robot beside uploading programs to it ensuring that the applications execute. A detailed description of the different stages required interfacing and program a microcontroller is provided. The algorithm is combined with neural networks and fuzzy controls which express the rules difficult to describe using mathematical models. Finally, a relationship between the presented algorithms and those developed in the lab is carried out.

Keywords: Robots, Algorithm, Program, GoPiGo, DEXTER, System, Mobile, Controller, Microcontroller
Mobile Robots Obstacle Avoidance Using Ultrasonic Sensors and Neural Control System
Robotics is the field of technology which is responsible for the design, application, operation, and construction of robots. Spec…

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