Deterioration of Civic Culture in the US

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Deterioration of Civic Culture in the US

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Deterioration of Civic Culture in the US
Civic culture describes a match between a country’s political culture and its institutions in creating stable governance (Draper & Ansil 74). The civic culture was featured by constitutionalism, republicanism communitarianism and classical liberalism. However, these values deteriorated with the rising of the contemporary political system. These factors were the centre of the US civic culture. Modern politics faces dynamic modifications due to different public culture approach and significant civic culture deterioration. While the decline of civic culture has risen in the US; there is still a need to strengthen its practice since it unites people.
Civic culture matters to the US politics. According to (Draper & Ansil 81), people remain united by fundamental concepts of the civic culture. However, the existing public customs vary from those of the 1780’s. Significant differences noted included responsibilities, constitutional principles, and the declining interest for the Commonwealth. It created shared norms in both local and other communities across different states. Civil culture played a crucial role in US society. As a result, it is valued by modern governance. It showed some context of matching peoples’ political beliefs and values. A mixture of people with different political interest created a balance required in making the government responsive thus allowing them to serve without dis…

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