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Why Horror Is Good for You

Example 1
In the first reason, the author Greg Ruth states that “Kids live in a world of insane giants already. Nothing is the right size. The doorknobs are too high, the chairs too big… They have little agency of their own, and are barely given the power to even choose their own clothes.” (Ruth, 2014).
From the video, it is apparent that the maid could not allow the children to answer the phone when the man on the other side called. Also, although it was late in the night, the children continued to watch the television as they had to wait for their parent, non-was allowed to go to bed before the parent could arrive. This is a harsh reality and a clear indication that children do not have power. Telling them scary stories introduces them to that reality and they will come to terms that power is not just given, it is earned by being responsible. By being responsible, trust ensues and that is the reason why the maid listened to the cry of Jenny who said he was scared. Most of the times, children are not given an ear since they always tell jokes or lies. however, introducing the scary reality to them make them aware that not everything is a joke.
Example 2
In the fourth reason, Greg Ruth quote the doctor of the young by saying “You know when grown-ups tell you everything’s going to be fine and there’s nothing to be worried about, but you know they’re lying” (Ruth, 2014).This is seen when the maid answers the…

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