Destined to Witness

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Destined to Witness

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Destined to Witness Review
Destined to Witness is a typical story of the unexpected in which the writer his literature from life experiences to craft this amazing story of how he came of ages during the Nazi regime in Germany. As recorded by the writer, the son of the well-known Africana and German nurse had to be left behind with his mother as Hitler ascended to power because of his deteriorating health state after his father returned to Algeria (Massaquoi, 264). The writer narrates his experiences of as a black child in an environment where he would not be recognized as one of them or among the Hitler Youth. As a result, his dreams were crushed, as he could not advance with his education. Additionally, he feared attacks since he thought he was prone to attack because of his race. However, these struggles gave him courage and confidence to rise for his rights and against his discrimination.
The characters named from page 242-345 includes Fatima the woman that people assumed was the mother of the narrator, Momolu, the person who sent the letter to Fatima, Hottentots and Zulu Kaffirs, Onkel Karl brother to the narrator’s mother, Trudchen who is a cousin of the narrator, and Herr Heinrich Wriede who is the school captain (Massaquoi, 247).
The setting of Destined to Witness is in Germany and more so in a school environment where the narrator describes the experiences he went through while at school (Massaquoi, 257). …

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