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destination theme park

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Destination Theme Park
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Destination Theme Park
Mission Statement. The primary mission of the Destination Theme Park will be to create a profitable and well-managed business by creating an environment of excitement and fun for families, residents, and tourists. The Destination Theme Park will be committed to providing guests with consistently enjoyable recreational opportunities coupled with memorable vacation experiences in a safe environment. The Destination Theme Park plans to accomplish this mission through excellence in service, creativity, and anticipation of its customers’ ever-changing needs and prospects. The park’s ability to realize its mission will be measured by its profitability indices, continued growth, and feedback from clients.
Business Opportunity. Arizona does not have many amusement parks. In fact, Arizona and its surroundings remain one of the metropolitan regions in the U.S. without major theme parks. Further, the extreme heating conditions in Arizona, similarly, call into question if the currently available water parks provide adequate relief and fun to guests and residents of Arizona. Research shows that there used to be one spectacular theme park, by name Legend City, in Phoenix between 1963 and 1983 (Bueker, 2014). Legend City had competitors too, but they were not as pronounced as the Legend City.
Today there is a rumor that the Six Flag is likely to invest in Arizona’s theme park industry. Th…

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