Designing Levels of Intervention

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Designing Levels of Intervention

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Designing Levels of Intervention
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Designing Levels of Intervention
Case 3
Intervention on the Micro Level
On the micro level, I recommend that Margie should maintain her meetings while she learns to be independent yet be more considerate of her mother’s feelings. I believe that when Margie gains independence, she would be able to accept herself more and from others who have the same disabilities. Assertiveness would be a huge help with regards to her mother’s feelings. This is because micro-level occurs in a social setting and pertain an individual behavior in a social setting. That’s why Margie has to learn to be sensitive to her mother’s feelings.

Intervention on the Mezzo Level
Through the story, it is important to know the relationship between Margie and her mother and see if her mother can intervene in her new activities. This will depend on whether or not their association is productive. Since Mezzo level involves working with small groups or people who are not immediate family members, Margie has to find a way to build friendships that can benefit her in future. She has friends in her workplace and she has to nurture them as well.
Intervention on the Macro Level
At this level, I would tell Margie to keep developing her individuality and inspire her to prioritize her happiness by living her life. She would gain more confidence by maintaining her assertiveness even at her workplace and when being with friends. This would all…

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