Deserted House

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Deserted House

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The Deserted House
That evening was unusually hot and steamy and all of a sudden, increasingly light winds started blowing in the same direction. The classes ended and we took to our heels. My friend Hellen-Alice joined me just past the gate and I was grateful to have such a talkative companion for the long stretch. We had barely walked half a mile while the twirling funnel of air started blowing towards us. We could see it from a distance and we realized it wouldn’t be possible going back to school. We had to seek shelter fast before the tornado swept us.
A few meters to our left were this strange house which seemed awry even from afar. We hastily entered as we did not have much of a choice. The door almost broken letting out a squeaking noise and then banged the door frame locking us inside instantly. There was a strange and a foul smell almost similar to ammonia or some rotten eggs. The drawings and the writings on the walls were even terrifying. There were old pictures taken in the medieval times with the black and white cameras. The drawings were in no doubt satanic and the writings were in some way Latin.
We started moving around and even forgotten the tragedy outside. The lights followed a particular pattern and at times it got so dark that we could hardly see what was in front of us. We felt some things though. By this time, we struggled to look with our mouths wide open. We stumbled upon a path that…

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