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Descriptive Statistics
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The paper explores to cover various requirements that involve researching by the use of secondary quantitative data. It identifies multiple benefits associated with the use of such data in research. More so, it outlines some of the possible precautions that one should take whenever using secondary data in a study. The need to identify the precautions enables a researcher to avoid compromising the validity of inference made out of the information used from secondary sources. Also, the paper expounds Causations and correlation and highlights the significant differences between them. The document as well identifies potential opportunities and benefits for an organization associated with a decision to increase servant leadership. Some of the recognized benefits include improved performance and employee satisfaction. Further, the paper examines a scatterplot provided to test for correlation between servant leadership and spirituality within the workplace environment. The examination identifies that there exists a positive relationship between the two factors.
Keywords: causation, correlation, scatterplot, secondary data
Question 1
During research, relying on secondary quantitative data offers various benefits. First, it is time-saving as the collection of first-hand data involves lengthy procedures which consume a lot of time. More so, Secondary data is more accessible than prim…

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