Descriptive Details Assignment

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Descriptive Details Assignment

Category: Satire Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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The bell kept tinkling with a shrieking ring as I open the door. Immediately I am swept over with a wave having a combination of disinfectants and latex surgical gloves. The chairs are jumbled up all over at the dentist’s waiting room. Vast piles of different collection of magazines can distinctly be seen with their slogans and logos screaming for anybody to grab them. Three steps forward from where I am standing is a desk with a receptionist having a smile that is inviting. With a welcoming gesture, she points at some coaches that were to my right. Others anxious patients could be seen folding their arms while some had their palms at their cheeks indicating the magnitude of pain they were experiencing. Most of them faced away from the frightening doors heading to the surgery room where piercing squeals could be heard.
Periodically you could hear yells coming out. One after the other the receptionist called out names as I hoped my turn never to reach. The clinical walls had a dangerous kind of white which indeed warned you of the immediate pain awaiting you. Photos of crooked and yellow teeth combined with those of red gums transforming to some spectacular and straight are seen through the entire way leading to the dungeons. Suddenly an unexpected high pitch sound emanating from a high heeled shoes cuts short my daydreaming. My pulse heightens, and my hands start getting watery. Quickly I swallow a lump that had somehow gathered. I c…

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