Describe the research’s relationship to mining?

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Describe the research’s relationship to mining?

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Describe the research’s relationship to mining?

The focus of the research is an evaluation of the identity, culture, and media among the residents in Jordan. More specifically, the primary aspects of concern include television, identity development, culture, and overall awareness among the people of Jordan. These factors are crucial to mining as a popular practice in Jordan, which is the basis of the positive correlation between the research and the subject practice. Based on the increased mining practices in the region, the residents of Jordan can identify with it as part of their culture and identity. On the other hand, the television plays primary roles making it instrumental in creating awareness among the residents, particularly on matters that allude to their culture and identity, e.g., mining.

Why is the ESRC DTP-advanced quantitative methods’ award the most appropriate ESR C studentship for you?

ESRC DTP advanced quantitative methods award is the most appropriate studentship for me since it marks a step further in my Ph.D. journey. In my initial stages of the journey, I took all the selective and obligatory courses including quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, critical reading and thinking, and research methods and ethics.

Application of Training to Research Design
In conclusion, the ESRC advanced quantitative methods award will act as the foundation for the doctoral journey, mainly building on the initial idea for my research project…

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