Describe each slice of your circle and how much it means to you

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Describe each slice of your circle and how much it means to you

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Everybody wants to live with people with the same identity (Martin, Raymond & Barresi 24). The Same character can form a group of individuals who have common things in their thoughts, activities, and mindsets. A person can set quickly with same group individuals as they can share similar thoughts, and they can share same talk. It is always difficult to have real relation beyond the group. It can be difficult by two ways forming a new group or maintaining the new group. For these reasons, a person wants to stay in such group where he or he she can live peacefully.
This situation is the obvious case for me also. It is hard to find and cope up with the new group and if somehow I manage to form, a new group to maintain them is very hard.
Chart Interpretation
Family 29%. For me, my family is the central group for me. As most of the time, I spend with them and that quality time always helps me to be what I am today. In my family, I have a very broad role to play. I am a son, brother, grandson. To make everybody live together and make everybody live happily is the significant role to play. As I play a different role in the family, it is always helpful to make healthy relation with each person. To spend time with family members give me boost and power to live life and make my living worth.
Friends (19 %). Friends are the second family. I am lucky to have excellent friends in my lif…

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