Describe a memorable day in your life

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Describe a memorable day in your life

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The Best Day of my Life
I remember when I was seven years old, we had recently moved and I had been feeling quite lonely. Since I had no friends, I asked my parents to get me a pet. Someone to play with and call a friend. One day, I returned from school, tired and mad because my new classmates were not what I had expected and found a handwritten note from my mom. It said “Go to your room, you have company.” I was shocked; I did not have any friend, why and how would I have company.
I was confused. The writing looked like my mom’s, but what if it was not her? What if this all was a trap and my family got kidnapped? I took a broom from the kitchen and prepared to fight the assailants. My heart raced and pounded so hard I felt it was going to give away my position to the kidnappers. I was scared, believe me. Slowly, I started going up the stairs, thinking about calling 911 just to no sure. However, my parents had warned me against prank-calling 911 and I did not want to get into trouble.
Finally, I got to the top floor. I went to my parents room and noticed nobody was there. I started to panic again. What if this was a trap. I clutched the broomstick and prepared to make my last stand. I checked the bathroom, but nobody was there. I took a deep breath and decided to enter the room, regardless what might happen. I just had to trust, but to me, it was hard to believe.
My heart pounded harder than ever. I turned the knob sand open the door. Suddenly, out of nowhere a furry th…

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