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dependency Addiction

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Dependence and Addiction to Drugs
Dependence and Addiction to Drugs
Today, a lot of people are deeply entrenched in the use of the drugs. Most of this people cannot operate without indulging in drug abuse. It is imperative to recognize that must of them have tried to break from using the drugs, but they have failed. From the data collected by the scientists, it is clear that the majority of the drug users are focused on satisfying their need without taking into consideration the lives of their relatives or friends. It is, therefore, plausible to conclude use of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol make people slaves. People end up without a sense of responsibility and their focus not on improving their lives but to satisfy the need for the said drugs. This person is said to be addicted to drugs. That is drugs have become their masters. They are also dependent on the drugs meaning that they cannot live with them (Weiss et al, 2017) As a result of being reliant on the drugs people become unproductive. There are not in a position to take part in the building of the country. Accordingly, they turn out to be a problem to the government. It therefore, necessary to find a way of helping these people to recover from the misuse of the drugs.
Four take away from the course
There is a huge difference between being dependent on drugs and being addicted to them. Most of the people assume them to be one thing. Many organizations have tried to offer…

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