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Lee, Jessica Y., et al. “Examining the cost-effectiveness of early dental visits.” Pediatric dentistry 28.2 (2006): 102-105. (Forsberg 1)The targeted audience of the source includes health care providers, the dental community and primary clinicians. Its purpose is to assess early dental visits as a method of preventing diseases and making dental care cost-effective to users. The above happens through reviewing the available scientific evidence regarding early dental visits. Early visits ensure that clinicians’ emphasis on the suitable care that parents should follow and teach their children and helping in preventing various possible diseases.
Dickson, M. Where There is no Dentist. Hesperian Foundation, Palo Alto, 1983. ISBN # 0-942364-05-8 (Forsberg 3)
The source targets parent, primary care clinicians and healthcare professional. The author presents information on what people can do to care for their gums. The writer focuses on helping people in areas where access to health care services such as dentistry is difficult and also help those in marginalized areas. The target is for the developing countries which have few dentists where they get educated on how to care for their oral health.
Dolce, Maria C. “Nurse faculty enrichment and competency development in oral-systemic health.” Nursing research and practice 2012 (2012). (Forsberg 9)
The targeted audience of the source includes policymakers,…

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