Demand Letter for Kylie

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Demand Letter for Kylie

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Mr. Wyatt
Harrison West High School
[Street Address]
Dear Mr. Wyatt,
RE: Demand letter.
Our office represents Mrs. Kylie Smith in the above reference case. Mrs. Kylie was suspended from her school following their activity to produce and sell shirts protesting the gun problem in the school. We at this moment present our case demanding an apology later from the school, expunging the suspension from Kylie’s school records and that she be provided with an opportunity to complete her school work. Moreover, the administration should send a detailed explanation to Harvard University administration explaining that the suspension was a mistake and a request for Mrs. Smith evaluation to proceed as initially planned and all the expense with regards to the changes made in the assessment covered by Harrison West High School.
It is rather unfortunate that despite Kylie lobbying for the well being of the society she lives in, she was met by events that showcased her denial of his students right to free speech. Consequently, she ended up missing school work, her volleyball game and worst of them all her dream to pursue her education at Harvard University. From the accounts of events presented by Kylie, their sole purpose for the protest was to have their concerns on the issue of gun violence in schools heard and strict measures taken by the respective authorities to end the gun problem.

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