Defining Quality of Healthcare Revised

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Defining Quality of Healthcare Revised

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Defining Quality of Healthcare
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The abstract nature of the term quality occurs to be quite ambiguous. However, personally, I find Donabedian’s model quite lucrative and ultimately presenting the most real sense of quality for the healthcare provider and the patient as well. As such, quality does not only rely on the framework and hospital setting but also the willingness of the health provider to conceptualize quality and interact appropriately with the patient to achieve the intended outcomes. Donabedian summarizes quality in three broad perspectives, that is, structure, process, and outcomes (Berwick & Fox, 2016). In his definition, he identifies structure to encompass the physical facility, medical equipment, and the staffing/human resources training characteristics. Process constitutes the diagnostic, treatment, or technical approaches to delivering care. The concept of outcome captures the efficacy and effect of healthcare interventions on patients or populations.
Although outcome provides the ultimate measure of the quality of healthcare, it has some limitations, since, there are other factors such as culture and patient attitude that might influence the nature of outcomes. Therefore, my definition of quality of health care encompasses both the processes of delivering care and the outcomes of a clinical intervention. To provide the best care, then, the health provider should act in the best interest of the patient. As such, the…

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