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Define Remediation

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Pop Culture and Social Media
Remediation is the process in which the online world captures and transforms previous media, allowing it to interact with new media. Media is nowadays experienced as a two-way process unlike in the past where it was a one-way process. According to McLuhan, new media trends were both a blessing and a curse at the same time (“Marshall McLuhan – The World Is a Global Village-CBC TV”). McLuhan was among the first people who noted that a change in media was a driving factor to the changes in social structures and knowledge systems. Looking at McLuhan’s analysis of new media which at this time was television and automation he argues that a new medium is never an addition to an old one nor does it leave the old one in peace. McLuhan also stated the content which is broadcasted in one medium is always in another medium.
Pop culture is essential in today’s society (Danesi 13). Currently, social media controls almost everything in society. From twitter to facebook and other social media services the importance of pop culture cannot be ignored (Dewey). Most of the people currently communicate through tweets and other social media platforms. For instance, some of the most popular artists in the current music industry such as Justin Beiber were brought in the scene by YouTube (Allocca). Justin Beiber’s mother uploaded his music on youtube, and this sparked his popularity. Social media has also influenced politi…

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