Define Political Socialization on family

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Define Political Socialization on family

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Political Socialization in Family
Political socialization is the process by which people acquire political views, beliefs and culture. It also refers to the norms and traditions revolving around political ideologies that the family will pass on from generation to generation. The following paper explains the role of the family in political socialization.
The family is the most basic agent of socialization, and this is where a child first encounters political views. A child is not born with the political ideologies, rather he acquires them through learning and observing the behaviour and attitude of the parents, grandparents, and other key individuals. The family may also outline some examples for the children to emulate. People consider the prospects from the family as political views (Zuckerman).
A family will instil the political views that they deem as appropriate. Children carry on these views of the parents up to the age of thirteen. Here, they discover more about themselves and develop political views that are different from those of their fathers. Political views as a part of an individual and are therefore life-long. The father figure in the family enacts a prototypical authority, and this has a great influence on the children as they grow up. His views are more influential in comparison to those of the mother (Dickerson, Flanagan, and O’Neill).
Briefly, it is important to ensure that the political views exposed to our children do not create …

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