Declaration of Independence and Sentiments Similarities

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Declaration of Independence and Sentiments Similarities

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Declaration of Sentiments and Declaration of Independence Similarities
The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Sentiments written by Elizabeth Cady have many similarities. Both documents are structured in a relatively similar manner. The first sections of the two documents detail their respective purposes. The preamble section of the Declaration of Independence talks about the need for the Americans to be freed from Great Britain’s subjugation while that of the Declaration of Sentiments talk about the need for women to be freed from men subjugation (Brands et al. 33). Consequently, the two documents point to the need for the government to stop taking away the rights of people. This section details the various rights of people, which include the rights to liberty, to life, and seek for happiness. These rights are not supposed to be taken away or given up.
The third part of the two declarations detail the respective complaints of the independence and women rights movements. In the Sentiments Declaration, Elizabeth Cady and her colleagues air complaints about men and their excessive dominance over women. Similarly, in the Independence Declaration, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers air and direct complains at the King of England (Brands et al. 34). The complaints in both of the documents are quite emotive detailing the needs for the respective groups to fight for their freedoms. Many complai…

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