Decision Making and Unions

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Decision Making and Unions

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Decision Making and Unions
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Decision Making and Unions
To assure the employees that they can “voice their ethical concerns up the chain of command without fear of retaliation,” human should adopt an open-door policy. The employees should know that they have avenues for their issues to be addressed. They shouldn’t feel as though they have no one to turn to in the event they have certain ethical issues. The policy may involve introducing avenues for complains, suggestions, questions, safety concerns, feedback, concerns with management and reporting problems with other workers. The policy should be designed with the intention of creating an environment where employees feel they can express any concern without fear.
The HR managers should also adopt an open line of communication with employees. They should as well attend regular training sessions to remain current and abreast of various policies which govern ethical behaviors in the organization. Employers will benefit from this strategy because they will hear about issues before they escalate. You would rather hear them from employees than from a lawyer. Wrong approaches such as ignoring employees or confronting them without all facts may worsen the situation and lead to legal issues.
The presence of unions in the US in the US has evolved and has generally declined in the past three decades. According to Satyadi (2013), the US union membership has fallen by 6.9%. The downtur…

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