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debate analysis on a topic of your choice

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Artificial Intelligence
With technological advancements witnessed in today’s century, artificial intelligence has taken over our world by a storm. Artificial intelligence is shifting the world into the reliance on robots and less of human efforts. One may, however, be curious to ask, is there a risk towards relying on machines so much?
Artificial intelligence today has been specialized to do certain tasks human beings find daunting. It may be doing the laundry, facial recognition, driving your car etc. One may argue in this line that artificial intelligence has made life much easier as compared to the earlier days.
We can however not forget that artificial intelligence has been made to outperform human beings in their tasks. This might mean that human beings might not be needed. For instance, many manufacturing companies are cutting their labour costs by using robots to do the work for them.
Another question that has been raised is that; what if Artificial intelligence outsmarts human beings in all cognitive tasks. If you have ever tried playing chess with your computer, you realize that often one tends to lose. Thus, artificial intelligence technology could possibly go through recursive self-improvement, causing an intelligence explosion leaving human intellect far behind (Katja p20).
Unless technology is aligned with human existence, it has the po…

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