Death Scene Investigation and Communication

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Death Scene Investigation and Communication

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Death scene investigation and communication
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In the cases involving sudden, suspicious, unexplained, and unnatural deaths, the investigators have to follow some investigative and medico-legal procedures that establish the course and the cause of death. A collaborative effort of the investigators and other involved stakeholders comes in handy towards solving the case and informing the relatives. Officers require extensive training to obtain the conduct skills critical in disseminating such news to the kin. Based on their statutory mandate, these professionals should obtain training that govern their successful interaction with the next of kin.
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An investigator communicating with next of kin about death
The initial step that I as an investigator will take about communicating with NOK (next of kin) about the unexpected demise of the college student would be to consider that different people grief differently. One has to take into consideration the personal, cultural and religious factors that revolve around the immediate members that may affect how they receive and process the news. I will be empathetic, tolerant, and understanding regarding any reaction, and for that, I would give them enough time to allow the news sink in, and assume the responsibility of comforting them
Next, I would avail information on generously to help the members make sense of their case as well as decide on the c…

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