Death of a loved one

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Death of a loved one

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Effects of the Death of a loved oneStudent Name
AbstractThis paper is about the effect of the loss of a loved one. The loved one, in this case, refers to son, daughter, a sibling, a parent or even a husband or wife. In many cases, the loss of a loved one has gross effects the affected. It often changes the life of the affected completely and sometimes may have very serious and catastrophic effects on the general of the people left behind. However, this effects after losing a loved on depend majorly on the nature of the relationship that existed between the lost and the affected. Or how close these two people were (Nolen-Hoeksema et al., 1994).
In this paper, I tried to assess the major effects that the loss of a loved one might have to an individual who is affected. It explains how different people will be affected and how this effect may change their later lives. It is so obvious that the demise of a loved one will affect the remaining people who loved them socially (Nolen-Hoeksema et al., 1994). Nevertheless, depending on the closeness of the demise and the remaining people, each and every person will be affected differently, other people will miss the person more than others due to how close the deceased was to them.
The paper examines what makes this loss of a loved one have severe effects on the people left behind. How can the effect of the loss be moderated so that it does not cause any further destruction? This is another question to which the…

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