Dealing with Addiction

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Dealing with Addiction

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Dealing with Addiction in a Family
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It is not accurate to make the claim that all members within a given family are affected by another member’s addiction or substance abuse. Levanas (2017), claim that one family member’s addiction activities and substance may change the lives of a minimum of four members. The type of effect is highly dependent on a person’s resiliency and experiences. Moreover, the labeling without facts can be reductive. The Wegschneider Role Theory (Levanas, 2017) explains that the use of given roles does not imply that it is a representation of reality but rather helps in understanding how the family system works. There are effective methods that help families to identify and recognize given behaviors amongst other members. These include the Family Training Approach program (CRAFT), family systems therapy, and Al-Anon (Copello et al., 2005).
Various strategies can be used by family members when dealing with a member suffering from substance addiction or any other addictive behavior. Zuckerman and Gagne (2003), recommends adaptive coping by offering social support and integrating self-help. Kelly et al. (2017), notes that open communication with the affected members and supporting them significantly reduces stress and self-blame; hence an effective way of coping with addiction. Investing in family education on how to handle members that are affected or addicted to subst…

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