Dead but Alive

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Dead but Alive

Category: Rhetorical Essay

Subcategory: Religion

Level: High School

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Dead but Alive
Sherman is a Native American teenager who names himself as Zits. He is half Irish and Half Indian, who never recognized his alcoholic father while his mom passed away when he was only six. The aspect of ethnicity enables him to acknowledge stigma associated with being a Native American. He notices that minorities affect opinion based on one’s background, and everyone is fixed with a different ideology that is particular to a given ethnic group. He learns a lot more about his people and family when he notices that there is a lie about his history. A lot of questions tickle in his mind whether his father was an Indian whom he never knew (Sherman Alexie).
Chapter one brings an incident where he wakes up in a foster home disliking his new family. He violently pushes his foster mother against the wall and escapes out. The aspect of ethnicity also emerges during the flashback where Alexie presumes the role of FBI Agent Hank Storm. He witnesses an incident with two Indians who were involved with ARON. Zits witness his colleague kill an Indian for being unable to retrieve information from him. The death of the innocent Indian forces him to shoot the corpse. The events turn around when Hank is forced to fire bullets at Corpse even though he already dead to have himself responsible for the murder.
While thinking what to do Zits, he transforms again into another character known as Gus. This is known as Indian Tracker that has to…

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