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Deaconess Glover Hospital

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Deaconess-Glover Hospital
Case Study
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Deaconess-Glover Hospital:Case Study
For several years the Glover Hospital has been offering services to the Needham Community in the United States of America. However, in 1980, the hospital faced different issues and financial challenges following poor managerial strategies. The hospital management thus allowed the Hospital Corporation of United States of America to provide a long-term solution for cost minimization and general operations. The background of Deaconess-Glover Hospital consists of 41 community beds and 1500 care group bed systems. In the year 1999, Dalton, the president of Needham learned that the hospital experienced $2.7m loss at the community hospital care during the past twelve months. Additionally, the hospital over the twelve months had also recorded $100million loss at the care group unit. This came to the attention of the vice president of Needham Julie Bonenfant alongside John Carter with the common intention of improving the operations and efficiency of the hospital (Spear, & Harvard Business School., 2005).
Case Analysis
The Deaconess-Glover Hospital thus defines the challenging strategic managerial approach to curb the loss in the two crucial operation units. Dr. John Carter provides his suggestion for the daily operation to reduce this loss. From his observation, John Carter suggested that the hospital needs to adopt the Toyota Production Sy…

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