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Dating Essay

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Categories of Dating
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Dating is one of the stages of a romantic relationship where the individuals avail themselves in a bid to evaluate and assess each other suitability to establish a connection or a marriage institution. One of the characterizing features of the dating stage is its social nature. Individuals who are dating spend most of their time engaging in socially productive activities like hanging out, going out for coffee or movies, playing games or even adventuring. Such activities help in character building and learning partner’s preferences (Webb, 2012).
Dating can be categorized into several groups which include casual dating, friends with benefits and blind dating. These categories are drawn on factors such as the intent of dating, the environment, and the media through which it is taking place.
While the focus is on casual dating, it is prudent to know what it entails and how this can be distinguished from the other forms of dating. Casual dating is both a physical and emotional relationship between partners who have no commitments and intentions to formalize their relationship. Some motives may prevail in casual dating, and these include cultural indifferences, beliefs and religious inclinations. This type of dating is time-dependent, it could vary from a few weeks to several months, but it is for sure that it does not last long. It is based on voluntary offers. Such offers may be informed of mutual suppor…

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