Dancers Practicing at the Barre by Edgar Degas

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Dancers Practicing at the Barre by Edgar Degas

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Painting Analysis of “Dancers Practicing at the Barre” by Edgar Degas
In this paper, we intend to write a comprehensive analysis of “Dancers Practicing at the Barre” by Edgar Degas. We will divide this work into several parts. In the first one or the introduction, we will discuss the painting on its historical terms. We will introduce a brief biography of the painter, discuss his influences and the historical time he lived in. In the second part or the discussion, we shall discuss the painting itself. Its style; composition; line; shape; color, and texture. In the same way, we intend to discuss the painting’s materials; its volume and the value of realism or abstraction the painting has. In the same way, we shall conclude our essay by contrasting the discussed painting with other adjacent paintings in the gallery.
Edgar Degas’ Brief Biography. Degas was born in Paris, France in the year of 1834. He was the oldest child in a large family. His father was a mediocre sculptor who came from a wealthy family of Italian bankers. It was his father who saw young Degas’ potential abilities and decided that the child should start to paint at a really young age. Degas entered in the École des Beaux-Arts, and started to paint under the teachings of Lamonth, and progressed under his teachings. Lamothe was a disciple of Ingres and taught them using the Ingres’ style, a style who drew heavily on the drawing (…

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