Daily life in Concentration Camps

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Daily life in Concentration Camps

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The Daily life in a German Concentration Camp
Concentration camps, also known as Konzentrationslager in German, were fundamental features between 1933 and 1945 among the Nazi regime in Germany. According to the German law, the term concentration camps was defined as “… Custody of persons who have not been legally sentenced to incarceration by a court of justice, and those who, having served a legal sentence, have been ordered further detention.” (CIA 1). In concentration camps, detainees are confined under the subjection of harsh conditions with little regard to the constitutionally acceptable democratic norms of legal incarceration and arrests.
By the same token, it is possible to say that after Adolf Hitler had become the German Chancellor in January 1933, there came the first concentration camps in Germany. Weeks after Nazis took over governance, the Sturmtruppen, the German army; the police, along with the local authorities; and the Schutzstaffel, the famous SS, ordained some detention camps meant for the incarceration of both perceived and real political opponents. Consequently, The Schutzstaffel put in place larger camps near Hamburg and Lichtenburg in Saxony. Berlin also housed the Columbia Haus Facility that was used to hold prisoners who were still under probe by the German Secret State Police Service (Gestapo) until late 1936 (Eitinger 378). These camps, erected to incarcerate the opponents to the Nazi regime turned into…

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