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Ethical Considerations for Medical Assistants
Just like any other medical professionals, medical assistants have some ethical standards which they are required to maintain. These standards enable the medical assistants not to get into any form of legal disputes resulting from their actions. Among the ethical issues that medical assistants face involve matters regarding confidentiality (Wright). In matters regarding confidentiality, it is important to note that medical assistants are bound by confidentiality with specific details regarding the patient’s health and medical condition. The issue of confidentiality arises from the situation that Lind finds herself. Linda’s situation brings into question some ethical standards that medical assistants should maintain among them being confidentiality.
To begin with, the problem needs to be dealt with immediately. Given that Linda is just a medical assistant but not the actual doctor dealing with a patient, confidentiality is only between the patient and the doctor treating him. However, the patient’s daughter insists that the matter at hand is an emergency and that she will take legal actions if the call is not handled appropriately. In an attempt to avoid the legal actions, Linda should carefully examine the matter at hand during the call and take it to the physician later. Other than that, there is the option of calling the physician so as to avoid any suits that may be filled. Linda to some e…

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