Cyber Criminal

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Cyber Criminal

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Cyber Crime
Cases of cybercrime are drastically increasing across the globe. Due to this, various agencies across the world are taking necessary measures to ensure that its people are not exposed to such. Broadly, cybercrime is a computer-related crime or a crime where a computer and a network are involved. This essay explores multiple aspects of cybercrime. In demonstrating an understanding of this aspect, this essay explains the basic knowledge of communication, as provided for by the internet. It also explains various networking building blocks and their functions. Lastly, this article demonstrates different software vulnerabilities, as they occur in web browsers.

How We Communicate On the Internet
In a broader perspective, internet communication refers to the aspect of sharing ideas or words, over the World Wide Web or the internet. Communication on this platform has changed drastically, mainly due to technological evolution across the world. Ways in which we communicate on the internet are as described below.

Internet Telephony and VoIP
The above consists of various hardware and software components that allow one to use the internet as the transmission media for telephone calls. Instead of using the public switched telephone network, which is common in some scenarios, Internet telephony, and VoIP uses aspects IP for the sake of transferring voice. To use this internet communication technology, one must have a …

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