CURRENT Social Movement

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CURRENT Social Movement

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Current Social Movements
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Current Social Movements
PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organization that has strong beliefs on the need of humans to be the guardian of animals may they be domesticated or not. Most often than not, the movements of PETA become directed to the major activities humans engage with that usually involve the participation or inclusion of animals in the picture (Francione, 2009). To promote the idealisms of the organization, the leaders are engaging in continuous research and exposure of situations that put animals in danger. Among the most recent expositions that the group engaged in include the reports on Chinese Dog-Leather Industry as well as the Angora Fur Industry which are considered to be among the top producing industries in the world today.
Fashion and other industries involved in utilizing animal skin as raw materials is believed by the organization to have a great impact on how animals are being treated as mere objects. Some other campaigns involve the promotion of less-meat diets in order to lessen the possibilities of population extermination among particular animal groups (Pence, 2007). To make the movements mark the minds of the population they target, PETA engages in both social media and documentary presentations to make the people know about their desires. There are also instances when the organization engages in developmental advertisement to get the atten…

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