Culture Shock

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Culture Shock

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Culture Shock
Yes, I have had a culture shock when working in an organization that had over ten nationalities represented. To deal with this situation, I tried to approach every situation open-minded. My organization was very flat and often I was asked to be in charge of consensus building process before starting tasks in a new project. I came to realize that, as I was striving to reach consensus, every person felt more involved in the organization. I was not familiar with working in a flat organizational structure so every time I asked superiors how to participate appropriately in that type of construction. In that way, I became a better team member. When one is okay to suffer a small embarrassment of asking questions that sound silly, it could save someone from doing something that would offend colleagues or leaders.
A corporate culture or a culture shock is an experience of a reaction of surprise and confusion that one faces when confronted with new social standards or rules (Ivins, Copenhaver & Koclanes, 2017, 245) When someone is working in a new corporation one may get shocked by some unwritten rules like workplace etiquettes. Typically, corporate culture can be a key to happiness when looking for a new opportunity. An employee can have expertise or knowledge, but if the culture does not match, it might spell disaster for everyone in the workplace. A point to note is that peop…

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