Culture among African Americans

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Culture among African Americans

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Impacts of Culture Changes

Impacts of Cultural Changes
Cultural change can be defined as the modification of society through contact with other societies, discovery, invention, or innovation. Societies strive for their existence and continuity according to its surrounding environmental conditions. Today, social changes and technological developments in the form of “progress” and “evolution” are the main drives of cultural change among all races. This essay will discuss and give three examples of how cultural changes in our society has impacted my life both positively and negatively.
One cultural change that has affected lives in the society is by the development of advanced information communication technology. This has resulted in the change in the cultural ways of people communicate in the society. The traditional communication methods used to be by means of letters, and the simple electronic media like telephone lines, radios, and televisions sets. With the emergence of the internet, most of the communication is now done online via platforms like the email and other social media platforms. This has affected my life positively as it is now easier and cheaper and faster to communicate with other people.
There have also been changes in the education culture where classes can now be taken online, other than attending the traditional classes physically, making it people to learn from long distances. Educational materials can also be found online now a…

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