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cultural trend

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Cultural Trends
A Christian Wedding Party
A festivity in a family springs enviable pleasure to all family members, relatives and friends. This pleasure and enthusiasm bourgeon when there is a wedding in the family. I drew stupendous pleasure at attending my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was at the local Pentecostal church after which a reception ensued at the Pestana Palace Hotel.
My cousin, the bride-to-be, was gleaming with astounding beauty. She had been garlanded with gold ornaments and looked like a fairy in her gown. Her jewelry sparkled as she walked down the aisle with her parents. The church was tastefully bedecked with paper buntings to match the occasion and seats decorated with silk and satin. The atmosphere was jubilant and ecstatic. Her husband-to-be looked like a prince. The retinue of young bridesmaids and grooms was impeccable; perfect for the occasion. Partings are always sad; there was much emotion as her parents handed her over to her new king. The couple sacredly acknowledged each other as a life partner and recited the vows after the elegantly dressed bishop. The much-awaited phrase came; ‘You may kiss your bride’. Cameras clicked as many photographs of the groom passionately kissing his queen were taken. As the culture dictates, the newly-weds had to go through the ‘jumping the broom’ trend. This tradition is rooted in the slavery times when marriages between enslaved women and men were not san…

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