Cultural Sensitivity

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Cultural Sensitivity

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Cultural Sensitivity and Global Success
Cultural sensitivity entails recognizing and appreciating the cultural differences or values that are practiced by different ethnic groups or people without assigning them a metric of whether they are right or wrong. As such, cultural sensitivity allows an individual to recognize that people are diverse in terms of what they stand for (Marshall, 2016). In a cultural diversified environment, people from different groups understand and respect the culture of the other group. In the health sector industries, cultural health is important to ensure that disparities in providing health care are reduced by responding to patient’s needs regardless of what are his or her beliefs. It is the responsibility of a health care provider to adjust to the changing patient demography in order to provide care that is culturally sensitive (Marshall, 2016).
Gaining knowledge involves looking for materials related to the subject of interest. In order to reduce ignorance about issues and traditions concerning a different group of people, both the employees and the organization must be actively involved (Henson, 2016). For starters, the organization could introduce a formal training session that teaches the employees on how to take into account the cultural diversity. This enables the employees to provide a high-quality service to the clients or the patients. Additionally, the organization needs to celebrate the …

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