Cultural Psychology

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Cultural Psychology

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Cultural Psychology: Identities
In this TED radio hour, different speakers narrate their identity stories in the quest to answer the question of who they are (“Identities”). The speakers tell stories about where they came from, where they call home, their journeys from the time they were young to where they are now, and attempt to describe their identities. The talk begins with an interview of an immigrant, Tan Le, who moved to Australia as a refugee from the then war-torn Vietnam. She describes her journey from Vietnam in a boat, with her mother and sister, and remembers how she started a new life in a new country, rising to excellence in her education and being named the young Australian of the year. Even then, she still felt like an imposter in the new country. She thought that she did not belong in the places and homes that she visited after becoming Australian of the year. Her mother was influential in enabling her to start a new successful life in Australia, and she worked hard to support her and her sister. Her father remained behind in Vietnam when they escaped to Australia. Tan Le believes that one’s identity does not have to be tied to a geographical location or country and that a person’s character should be developed from one’s beliefs, values, and experiences.
Andrew Solomon narrates how the identity of one’s child can shape their own identity (“Identities”). Andrew describes his struggle with his character, being gay…

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