Cultural Problem of Chinese Immigrants Revised

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Cultural Problem of Chinese Immigrants Revised

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Problem – Solution Research Essay
This research paper will cover the cultural integration of the Chinese immigrants that enter the United States. The central issues that most of these immigrants face are a language barrier and cultural differences. According to Bhugra, whenever individuals migrate to another nation, they carry with them their culture, knowledge and expressions from their homeland (129). The author reveals that: “they attempt to settle down by either assimilation of biculturalism.” The migration is usually attributed to economic reasons because most immigrants seek to better their lives. Some, however, choose to resettle in such foreign countries because of political reasons or education.
Xie, Xia, and Zhou explain that in the process of Chinese immigrants adapting to the cultural environment, they sometimes end up reestablishing their social groupings through common associations. The authors argue that if such immigrants get support from the locals and individuals from China as the homeland, it facilitates their cultural adaptation process (216). The presence of home nations can be advantageous because it allows them to maintain their affiliation with their heritage culture as they seek to blend in with the host culture. Cultural integration is, however, a challenging task that demands a high level of determination, and support if it is to be fruitful and sustained.
The population of Chinese immi…

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