Cultural Experiences

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Cultural Experiences

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Cultural experience
Effect of American Culture on Education
Our cultural upbringing influences an individual way of thinking and how they interact with other people. The world is rich in cultural diversity, and in history, cultures have changed each other. Culture dictates how people perceive various issues. For example, in America, the education system has been heavily influenced by the western civilization. American culture has affected the education system in the following ways.
In the American education system, Protestantism is deeply embedded. In this system reading the bible and praying is a part of school activities (Spring, 2014). Initially, it was meant to teach children of immigrants the American culture.
America prides itself for its democracy. There is a constitution that protects the rights of all people including the minority groups. Citizens have the freedom to make choices in their lives. When individuals are making a decision, their culture plays a vital role in that decision-making process (Spring, 2016). The education system gives student choices though sometimes they act in line with the perception that is dominating.
Americans are among the few countries that are forefront to fight for equality among people on the social level. In history, the state has strived to give all groups equal rights. For example, giving women voting rights and also the freedom to vie for political positions.
There two main education models: customar…

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