Cross Cultural Management

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Cross Cultural Management

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Cross Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management
Eriksson, S., &Hagg, C. (2016).Cultural Diversity: How to Manage a Cross-Cultural Workforce in a Global Organization: A Study between India and Sweden.The article explains the various context of cultural diversification in a cross-cultural workforce. It explains the different impacts that cultural diversity has on corporate performance (Eriksson &Hagg, 2016). The study was conducted with the purpose of impacting on cross-cultural management and defining various ways of managing the cultural diversity. Through the use of interviews, the study found out that cultural diversity contributes to effective management. It enables the leaders to identify the right strategies for addressing the cultural differences among the workers. Besides, the research conducted at one of Swedish organization reflected on the need for cultural management at different organizational levels. Norms and values of people are crucial in every organization’s management since it offers cross-cultural training.
Podsiadlowski, A., Gröschke, D., Kogler, M., Springer, C., & Van Der Zee, K. (2013).Managing a culturally diverse workforce: Diversity perspectives in organizations. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 37(2), 159-175.
The study analyzed the reasons and ways through which organizations manage cultural diversity in an Australian organization. Through the interviews conducted in the study, most o…

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